Hold. Charge. Protect. Connect.

In 2004, the team at Sonance saw an opportunity to integrate everyone’s favorite Apple products in a simple way into our everyday lives and launched our IPORT product line. Beginning with the world’s first in-wall dock for iPod, and later evolving into in-wall mounts for iPad and iPod touch, we realized that IPORT could help end-users turn their iOs devices into a simple and functional business tool or home controller.
Today, industry-wide praise continues to grow as IPORT redefines where and how you can use tablets in residences and enterprise applications alike. From residences, retail stores, hotel rooms, corporate offices, yachts and fleet vehicles, IPORT products solve real problems and enhance the usability of iOs devices in business and at home every day.

The IPORT By Sonance studio, located in San Clemente, CA.
Sonance is based firmly in the belief that technology should be designed to disappear. It began in 1983 when founders Scott Struthers and Geoff Spencer introduced the world’s first in-wall loudspeaker. This approach of leading with design led to many more “firsts” and a proud heritage of innovation, continually refining the in-wall and in-ceiling speaker category by reducing bezel size, making solutions that are completely flush mounted, and for the ultimate design solution: making speakers that are completely invisible. These are the things that have inspired a philosophy that continues to drive the company’s brands today: that technology can and should blend in with the architecture and interior design of any space.
Building on the well-established Heritage of Innovation, The Sonance Family of Brands now includes the craftsmanship and customization of the James Loudspeaker, and the elegance and utility of the IPORT brand. Each of these industry-leading brands follows the Sonance philosophy, unlocking an even greater range of solutions, each meticulously designed to enhance the user experience. Their combined efforts deliver solutions that go beyond expectation and beyond just audio. Sonance, James Loudspeaker, and IPORT deliver solutions for elevating the way technology is experienced in residential and commercial spaces for over 38 years.
It is through this consistent promise that Sonance has cultivated long-standing, authentic partnerships with leading architects, interior design professionals, custom installers, design-conscious consumers, and commercial end-users, from their home base in San Clemente, California and throughout the world.