Meet the next generation of charging & docking from IPORT for iPhone.

iPad CONNECT Case and kiosk for iPad Pro 11-inch and iPad Air 4th gen.

Meet IPORT CONNECT Phone System

The IPORT CONNECT Phone products build upon the CONNECT platform and increase the power of using iPhone as a mobile point of sales device. The IPORT CONNECT Phone Case and Dock systems can be partnered with a mobile payment processor to complete the mobile POS experience. Both the iPhone Dock and iPhone MultiDock can accept and simultaneously charge both the iPhone and a payment processor eliminating the need for extra cables and maximizes valuable Back of House counter space. CONNECT Phone Case will work with Apple Magsafe accessories if not utilizing a payment processor case in tandem with the iPhone. CONNECT Case for iPhone continues IPORT's dedication to innovation and providing dedicated iOS tools to take your business to the next level. 



    Phone Case

    The IPORT CONNECT PHONE Case builds upon the success of the IPORT CONNECT platform. It brings a category of Holding, Charging, Protecting, and Connecting iPhones. IPORT CONNECT Phone allows you to interact with your customers anywhere they are in your business, removing the need for a traditional cash register. Pair the CONNECT Phone Case with a Dock or Multi dock to rapidly charge both a Phone and a Payment processor. CONNECT Phone Case is integral to using iPhone as a Mobile POS to elevate your business to the next level.



    The IPORT CONNECT Phone Dock provides an easy and quick solution for charging iPhones in a Connect Phone Case. Dock is designed to provide a dedicated charging location for an iPhone and a Payment Processor. The IPORT Connect Dock provides PD fast charging to iPhones allowing for rapid recharging for minimal downtime of iPhones running your business. 


    MultiDock Phone

    The IPORT CONNECT MultiDock Phone is designed to simultaneously provide rapid PD Charging for up to 6 iPhones and 6 Payment Processors in a CONNECT Pay Case. Rapidly charge each iPhone from 0%-50% in under 30 minutes to ensure your business can stay in motion and interact with your customers. Integrated LEDs show the current charge status of each iPhone and Pay Case at a glance to ensure you choose the best Phone when needed. Multidock eliminates the need for cumbersome charging cable groups and ensures each iPhone has a dedicated charging home. MultiDock can fit easily on a shelf, table, or even into an IT rack for easy installation with a single power cable.   


    CONNECT Phone Pay Case

    The Connect PayCase transforms a traditional payment processor into a powerful addition to an iPhone, creating a powerful Mobil Point of Sale solution for a mobile workforce. PayCase magnetically attaches to the back of an IPORT CONNECT Case Phone for seamless deployment of a POS system and payment processor solution. Charge Paycase on a Dock or Multidock alongside each iPhone deployed. 


    Adyen NYC-1

    Other Payment Processors available upon request

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