Set up and drivers.

Surface Mount with Buttons


After connecting your Surface Mount with Buttons System to the local network by plugging in a CAT5e or CAT6 into the IPORT PoE Splitter (70718), download the Fing App on any iOS device. Make sure the device is connected to the Wireless Access Point of the network your surface Mount with Buttons System is plugged into. Use the Fing App to find the Surface Mount device (manufacturer will show as "IPORT"). Note the IP address assigned to the device.


Next, use any web browser on any device connected to the same network as your Surface Mount with Buttons System and type the IP address of the Surface Mount device into the URL bar and click "browse".  The IPORT Configuration Utility will appear.  You can use this utility to give your Surface Mount device a unique name, set Static IP address, set the LED backlight color and brightness, and save settings to the device.  After this, note the IP address you've assigned to the device and you can begin programming. 


In your control system, download and/or install the Surface Mount Buttons driver / module. The control system will need to know certain information about your device: IP address, comm port (10001), and button configuration. When a button is pressed, the button number in the JSON string will correlate with the number on the button out of the box. You can use press and press and hold button states to trigger commands in your control system. You can always use a debugger or a command prompt with Telnet and view IP strings as they come in from the Surface Mount with Buttons device if you like.

Additional Info

6 Button

10 button

Surface Mount Buttons Bezels ship with numbered buttons on the bezel out of the box. These numbers correlate with the button identification number in the IP string that is sent to the control system when a button is pressed. Use this labeling when programming button functions initially to ensure the correct button is associated with the macro or function in your control system. The Buttons may be switched out for different buttons with icons to best represent the programmed function. Simply unscrew the PCBA from the bezel using a precision Phillips screwdriver. Watch the video below, or click on the installation guide.

Install Guide